Mobile-optimized designs for effective mobile marketing

Mobile-optimized designs for effective mobile marketing

Mobile Pro Websites

Mobile Pro Sites are 5 page mobile sites that for many businesses are the most effective, simple and easy to navigate mobile websites. They also feature Click To Call, Google Maps, Social Media Sharing buttons and most importantly clearly highlight your business custom logo and graphics to create a more effective mobile friendly website. We can build your Mobile Pro Site to your needs with these added features and with great design options.

Mobile Landing Pages

Mobile Pro Landing Pages can be used as a single page Click to Call mobile website, or as an additional landing page linked to a full mobile website. These offer additional functionality for collecting email addresses or sms mobile numbers for building an email list or SMS list for mobile and email marketing. A great way to add a discount coupon or have a customised page with an alternate image or graphic for product promotion. Extremely effective and simple for customer contact.

Mobile Social Landing Pages

Mobile Social Landing Pages are carefully crafted to drive traffic to social media pages by integrating social media functionality. Create a viral marketing effect for your business. Land your new customers via high-converting media such as your videos from YouTube, linking to Facebook pages for Facebook "like" functionality or Twitter "Follow Us On Twitter" functionality. A Mobile Pro or Social Landing Page will enhance any professional business.